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Can Ghosts Throw Christmas Ornaments?!

December 31, 2009

A little lighthearted post-Christmas question prompted by an evening spent in a lovely farmhouse with a charming family. Can ghosts (or spirits, as they prefer) toss ornaments off a Christmas tree to make a point? Well yes, it appears they can!

Having just enjoyed a wonderful dinner full of lively conversation about all things that go bump in the night, I was invited to help decorate the tree for Christmas. Let me go back a bit to explain that as a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor I was called to the home after the very recent passing of a beloved father as well as step-father. A lot for any family to deal with, but particularly poignant during the holidays. I hoped to bring some comfort and inspiration, perhaps even a little levity if I could.

The beautiful, but bare tree beckoned! As we carefully placed pretty ornaments, suddenly one dropped out of their 12- year-old son’s hand, smashing to the floor. “That’s ok”, his mom assured him. All cleaned up, decorating continued. Then another mysteriously slipped from careful fingers, shattering into many pieces. “That’s strange, we never break ornaments” the mom said to me. She then lifted one out of the box, explaining that it had belonged to her father and had been special to him. She put it back into the box. Just as we snapped a picture with myself and her son, a beautiful purple ball “fell” off the tree directly behind us. I took out the father’s special ornament, asking him to guide my hand to the tree, where I felt he wanted it. Sure enough, their father’s ghost directed my hand… to the exact spot where the purple ball had just been. Front and centre on the tree.

A short while later, as we sang carols, another ornament came flying off  directly at us. We were nowhere near the tree. Mom said it was just like her father(s) to do that, very in keeping with their personality. These are the signs our loved ones send us to let us know they are with us. They classically do something that we would recognize, so we know it’s them. They especially like to say hello at special events and holidays. And on this occasion, to bring peace to their family… like the angel atop the tree. Either that, or they simply didn’t like our singing!

Blessings and light and a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year to all.


Who’s Jaye? Who’s Jade?

December 27, 2009

Jaye McKenzie is a psychic/medium, Reiki healer and inspirational speaker who lives in the Toronto area; professionally, she also works under the name Jade as founder of Forest Hill Psychic Services and Jade Intuitive. Jaye (or Jade) is on a continual  journey of discovery to a positive space of balance, tranquility, inner strength and healing. With a background in Psychology from York University and a strongly intuitive sense, Jade (or Jaye) has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to inspire, uplift and heal. As a gifted medium and psychic intuitive, she began showing her unique abilities by the age of four, and comes from a long line of psychics. In addition to providing personal and corporate readings, Jaye also helps law enforcement locate missing persons. Further, she is a medical intuitive and certified Reiki practitioner, healing on a physical and emotional level, as well as mentally through spiritual counselling/mentoring. Jaye is a published author, voiceover artist and acclaimed inspirational speaker giving seminars to children and adults about kindness, life empowerment and intuition/signs from the Spirit world. Jaye has appeared on Canadian television and radio.