Who’s Jaye? Who’s Jade?

Jaye McKenzie is a psychic/medium, Reiki healer and inspirational speaker who lives in the Toronto area; professionally, she also works under the name Jade as founder of Forest Hill Psychic Services and Jade Intuitive. Jaye (or Jade) is on a continual  journey of discovery to a positive space of balance, tranquility, inner strength and healing. With a background in Psychology from York University and a strongly intuitive sense, Jade (or Jaye) has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to inspire, uplift and heal. As a gifted medium and psychic intuitive, she began showing her unique abilities by the age of four, and comes from a long line of psychics. In addition to providing personal and corporate readings, Jaye also helps law enforcement locate missing persons. Further, she is a medical intuitive and certified Reiki practitioner, healing on a physical and emotional level, as well as mentally through spiritual counselling/mentoring. Jaye is a published author, voiceover artist and acclaimed inspirational speaker giving seminars to children and adults about kindness, life empowerment and intuition/signs from the Spirit world. Jaye has appeared on Canadian television and radio.

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