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Psychic Weekend In Owen Sound.

February 18, 2010

I’ve just returned from an extraordinary weekend event of readings in Owen Sound and I can tell you the folks out that way ROCK! The lovely hostess planning this psychic party kept writing me the past few weeks wondering how we would accomodate all those interested in seeing me. I was flattered and recognized that an amazing Universe energy was pulling these people to me for a reason… so I told her not to turn anyone away. Originally I was only supposed to be giving one small inspirational speech and an afternoon of readings. If you build it, they will come! Or rather, if you put the word out and the energy connections are right, they will come.  One afternoon soon turned into an entire day and evening and finally into a two-day event! The wonderful hostess was worried about tiring me out with so many people, but I was exhilerated at the chance to give peace and guidance to such a large group.

The day started off with a new experience for me, giving a psychic-mediumship reading to a gentle physically challenged man in his truck. Readings can be given anywhere and this certainly proved that point. I was able to bring through good information for him… I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did. The day flowed from one hour to the next with mothers, grandmothers, aunts and other assorted spirit relatives coming through to communicate with their loved ones. When the authenticity of a message from the other side brought tears to many people’s eyes, I just smiled and quipped that I was like Barbara Walters in that respect. This happens often and I like to ease the moment for those people who may feel some embarrassment.

I’ve already had confirmation of a prediction I gave, with the daughter texting her dad while I was still there to inform him of my accuracy… that’s always gratifying to hear. Other notable moments include my own hair standing straight up from my head while the spirit energies swirled around me, (Uxbridge’s party host commented on the same thing…wild!) my violin playing, courtesy of a musical uncle and a fellow psychic sitter “seeing” my deceased mom standing beside me assisting, during her reading.

I was struck by how lovely all the women who attended were, and as always, I felt honoured and humbled to have this amazing career. Special thanks go out to the hosts of this weekend who went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and ensure that a wonderful time was had by all. Little touches like flowers, candles and lots of love infused a magical quality into the weekend. I want to convey a special thank you to Allison DuBois (the real woman behind the show MEDIUM) who told me my life would be very different on the one-year anniversary date of my mom’s passing. She was right. I devote this Owen Sound event to my mom who passed to the other side on Valentine’s Day, one year ago.

Blessings and light,


Phenomenal Psychic Party!

February 10, 2010

This past weekend I was thrilled to do a private group event at the home of a wonderful and exuberant woman. Once the word was put out for my appearance, the Universe energetically pulled many special people for a night of  psychic/medium readings and fun. I was humbled by the turnout and worked into the wee hours of Sunday morning.

The evening had an interesting start. On my way to Uxbridge township, the spirit of a woman suddenly joined me in the car, anxious to talk to her loved one. Prior to readings, spirits often come to me, having waited years in some cases to communicate with their living friends and family. However boundaries are necessary, even with non-body energies, especially when I need to concentrate on arriving safely at the client’s home! So I asked her to be patient until I got there. One of the initial guests to arrive, a gentleman, asked me if he could be the first reading. During the small inspirational talk that I typically give to the group prior to sitting down with them one-on-one, I asked who belonged with the spirit “Helen” (name changed for confidentiality purposes). It was the gentleman who had approached me! It’s not a coincidence that “Helen’s” desire to be heard translated to her loved one, whereby he asked to be first. Spirits have many ways of physically influencing the living when something important needs to be done. She got her wish, of course!

Many other impactful and wonderful readings followed, as I saw one person after another and the evening flew by. As an Empath and Medical Intuitive I feel spirits’ emotions as well as those of the living. I also briefly “take on” the sitter’s ailments which establishes a strong connection with them and allows me to give a head’s up or direct them to a visit with their doctor. That happened in all cases this night and those I directed to their doctor confirmed they had in fact been considering going prior to seeing me. Part of what I do as a Healer is confirm people’s gut instincts… sometimes we all need a gentle push to look after ourselves. Other notable occurrences were spirits flying my angel cards off the deck, showing the “right” answer to the client’s question, and one spunky energy who plucked my sign-in sheet right out of my hand, flying it to the floor when her loved one entered the room. Some people brought objects or pictures for me to read using psychometry, and in some cases, more of a mini Reiki healing felt right to do. Or a hug from a grandmother in spirit to her granddaughter, which I was happy to stand-in and provide. 

 There was an air of purpose, of rightness to the evening and I felt gratified as people thanked me for being there. I extend a special thank you to the hostess of the evening for all her thoughtful preparations, yummy food and opening her home to those living and on the other side. Special thanks also to my dear friends who left the porch light on and allowed me to stay in their charming guest room that night instead of driving the distance home.

Party Psychic over and out.