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May 10, 2015

Two little Mother’s Day stories courtesy of… Who else, Spirit! Firstly, Spirit and I would like to wish a special Happy Mother’s Day to Duchess Kate, as she becomes a Royal Mom for the second time to a daughter, Princess Charlotte, Elizabeth, Dianna.

I made this prediction – Kate having a girl, back in October during my feature appearance on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT with Cheryl Hickey. Last weekend my prediction panned out with the birth of said girl! Welcome little Princess to your new, what surely will be, extraordinary life.

Mother’s Day is always bittersweet for me as my own mom is in the Spirit World. Even though I can’t hug her today or take her out for high tea or a lovely dinner, I know she’s having fun on the Other Side and she visits with me often. Both because I’m a Medium and can connect with her and because she can! Spirits spend lots of time around the living… giving helpful messages, comfort and love. If you keep your eyes, ears and hearts open you’ll discover the truth in this and possibly receive messages and signs of your own!

To honour Mother Nature today on the day that celebrates Mothers, I took myself outside to perform a task I do often – cleaning up garbage around my neighbourhood in my bright yellow rubber gloves.The first person I encountered was a city worker cleaning the area where our garbage cans and other larger items are collected. I stopped to chat with him and ask if he could remove a discarded rolled up rug that placed in the incorrect spot for garbage removal, had been an eyesore for over a year. He got right to it! I was thrilled, as it was too heavy for me to lift by myself. I’ll be calling the city to say thanks tomorrow, as I promised him I would. Plus I gave him a message from his own mom who had passed last year, as a thank you. He told me not many people stop to chat with him or appreciate his work. Too bad. Do this more often folks, its a hard, stinky job!

As I bid him a good day and set about to pick up some garbage, I couldn’t help but notice the looks I received from passerby. Some smiled, some clearly thought I was weird (they don’t know the half of it!). One woman got out of her car to come over and sternly tell me “not to throw that garbage bag in the area that had just been cleaned by the city worker”. I told her politely that I was picking up garbage to clean up, not to throw it somewhere and make more garbage, smile. She gave me a mean look and got back in her car. But two women, one walking with her daughter and one riding with hers on a bike, called out and thanked me for doing this service. I smiled, said it was my pleasure for “Mother” Earth and wished them a good day.

The lesson here besides the great feeling of doing good deeds and being kind is not to let the miserable people you encounter ruin your day. Focus on the positive, not the negative. “Cause just like my gramps used to tell me… “two out of three ain’t bad!”

Happy Mother’s Day to the living moms as well as the dead!

Small Medium, over and out.