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May 10, 2015

Two little Mother’s Day stories courtesy of… Who else, Spirit! Firstly, Spirit and I would like to wish a special Happy Mother’s Day to Duchess Kate, as she becomes a Royal Mom for the second time to a daughter, Princess Charlotte, Elizabeth, Dianna.

I made this prediction – Kate having a girl, back in October during my feature appearance on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT with Cheryl Hickey. Last weekend my prediction panned out with the birth of said girl! Welcome little Princess to your new, what surely will be, extraordinary life.

Mother’s Day is always bittersweet for me as my own mom is in the Spirit World. Even though I can’t hug her today or take her out for high tea or a lovely dinner, I know she’s having fun on the Other Side and she visits with me often. Both because I’m a Medium and can connect with her and because she can! Spirits spend lots of time around the living… giving helpful messages, comfort and love. If you keep your eyes, ears and hearts open you’ll discover the truth in this and possibly receive messages and signs of your own!

To honour Mother Nature today on the day that celebrates Mothers, I took myself outside to perform a task I do often – cleaning up garbage around my neighbourhood in my bright yellow rubber gloves.The first person I encountered was a city worker cleaning the area where our garbage cans and other larger items are collected. I stopped to chat with him and ask if he could remove a discarded rolled up rug that placed in the incorrect spot for garbage removal, had been an eyesore for over a year. He got right to it! I was thrilled, as it was too heavy for me to lift by myself. I’ll be calling the city to say thanks tomorrow, as I promised him I would. Plus I gave him a message from his own mom who had passed last year, as a thank you. He told me not many people stop to chat with him or appreciate his work. Too bad. Do this more often folks, its a hard, stinky job!

As I bid him a good day and set about to pick up some garbage, I couldn’t help but notice the looks I received from passerby. Some smiled, some clearly thought I was weird (they don’t know the half of it!). One woman got out of her car to come over and sternly tell me “not to throw that garbage bag in the area that had just been cleaned by the city worker”. I told her politely that I was picking up garbage to clean up, not to throw it somewhere and make more garbage, smile. She gave me a mean look and got back in her car. But two women, one walking with her daughter and one riding with hers on a bike, called out and thanked me for doing this service. I smiled, said it was my pleasure for “Mother” Earth and wished them a good day.

The lesson here besides the great feeling of doing good deeds and being kind is not to let the miserable people you encounter ruin your day. Focus on the positive, not the negative. “Cause just like my gramps used to tell me… “two out of three ain’t bad!”

Happy Mother’s Day to the living moms as well as the dead!

Small Medium, over and out. 


October 30, 2014

Good day dear viewers,

exciting news to share with you for this post. I will be appearing on the amazing ET CANADA, Global TV tomorrow night!! Will be a spooktacular evening as I am interviewed by the talented and so lovely, Cheryl Hickey, with special appearances by Spirit, including some famous ghostly folks.

I had such a fun day at Global TV and am honoured to be the Medium on this terrific medium of television. Big thanks go out to Cheryl Hickey and the entire ET family for making me feel so comfortable and welcome… what a truly awesome bunch of folks resides on the Entertainment Canada set!

I hope you’ll all tune in and take a chilling ride with me on a backstage pass of the studio. All aboard the express train to “Ghost Town”, ET style!

Happy and safe Halloween to all.

Small Medium over and out.


August 24, 2014

Good day all,

apologies for being gone so long, I’ve been recovering from a fractured rib (oww) while juggling (not literally due to same fractured rib!) a very busy client schedule. Thought I’d tell you a ghost story, not a client’s this time… one of my own. Sit back, relax in the summer sunshine and prepare to be amazed by the power of Spirit.

One day recently I set out for a gentle walk and had gone no farther than five minutes from home, when I felt a spirit pull to cross the street whereupon I found myself in front of a selection of books. Wonderful books of many topic varieties were sitting on the sidewalk in open boxes… giveaways for the taking. A couple was happily making piles of reading material and so I dug in as well. I soon found  the reason for the”spirit pull”. A small book of daily affirmations from 1985. As an Intuitive Life and Business Coach and Keynote Speaker I often teach folks the merits of positive affirmations and I say them to myself each day also. Who knew that such wonderful gems were available and combined so beautifully back in 1985!? I promptly and happily took the book home.

About five hours later, the reason for the precise timing soon shared, I started flipping through my newly acquired book to discover one page was missing. Not just any page, the one for my very own birthdate. That seemed an odd coincidence but if you’ve been following my writings, you know that as a Medium I don’t believe there are such things as mere coincidences. I said aloud to the Universe, “ok, I’ll go back to where I got the book but only if you promise I’ll find that page”! What were the chances, five hours later of it still being there, if at all, I asked myself ? But I went anyway.

After meeting a neighbour along the way, I came to the spot where the boxes had been five hours previously. Most of the boxes were empty of books, as I knew they would be. I searched through a couple, picking up books and shaking them out, feeling a little foolish looking for one single page on the off chance and assurance from the Universe that it would be there. I turned to leave then suddenly felt to look under one of the cardboard boxes. I could scarcely believe it – there pinned underneath was a single page from a book. As I reached for it I just knew. IT WAS THE SINGLE MISSING PAGE FROM MY BOOK, MY BIRTHDAY PAGE!

As tears came to my eyes at the amazing surprises from Spirit, an old car from the 70’s drove by, a black chevrolet just like my grandpa used to drive. The guy behind the wheel turned and looked at me as he passed and I realized the book was a present from my deceased grandpa.

The appearance of a car that looked just like his confirmed that grandfather reached out from the Other Side to get me a book he knew I’d appreciate and remember because of the missing birthday page. My gramps loved books and was also an Author. Nice gramps, thanks, message received!

Small medium over and out.


December 1, 2013

Signs. Not the kind advising to “beware of dog” or “buy this” but more like the ones that read, “Enter Here” are the important topic for today’s (long overdue, I know!) blog. Signs are guideposts along the journey of life, sent from Spirit. Yes, really! You’ve heard (or read) my words over the years about there being no such thing as coincidence. Well, this is quite real and allow me to demonstrate how I know this through the following true story. Then you decide for yourselves, dear readers!

A good friend of mine, we’ll call him “Steven” to protect his privacy, recently asked for my help for an upcoming plane trip home to visit with family. You see Steven is terrified of flying and was suffering a lot of anxiety about this trip, which he dearly wanted to make…hopefully with enough of an appetite to actually eat the special family dinner he was going to attend. Flying made him nauseous, among other things. Happy to oblige as coaching and relieving anxiety is what I do every day in my job, I set about to teach him some calming techniques and positive visualizations for a successful flight. Believing it begins the process of working it! So Steve said he’d give it a try.

Armed with these tips, off Steve went on his trip. Getting there was not a problem he later reported, but the fear started to build again around the impending trip home. So I wrote him several relaxation-inducing emails and promised I would send my energy to be with him for the trip home. I’m an energy specialist hired to clear negative energy from homes, businesses, people themselves and then to bring in blessings and positivity. I told Steven, “I’ve got your back”.

I wrote the exact time, date and location of his flight and set to work that day to meditate and “send” an energetic part of myself to accompany him. The day ended with the most spectacular sunset, the sky gleaming with pink, orange and pale blue and I decided to “send” him a telepathic visual of the sky with a direction to look out the plane window as he landed. I knew these beautiful colors in the sky would calm him, so I utilized this natural beauty. In my mind, I “saw” Steven sitting on the plane with an empty seat beside him, which I energetically sat in to better give him strength and comfort.

Knowing his arrival time, I also sent my energy to walk behind him, repeating, “it’s okay Steve, I’ve got your back”. I started doing this part the morning of his return flight.

Steven called me from the airport post landing. Very successful landing, I might add as here’s what my friend told me happened: THE MORNING OF HIS FLIGHT HE DECIDED TO TAKE A RELAXING YOGA CLASS. NEAR CLASS END THE INSTRUCTOR CAME OVER TO HIM AND PUT HER HAND ON HIS LOWER BACK. SHE DID THIS TO NO ONE ELSE IN THE CLASS AND THE PERSON BESIDE HIM EVEN COMMENTED, ASKING, “HOW COME YOU GET SPECIAL TREATMENT?!” Here in Toronto, I was sending Steven that I HAD HIS BACK! The Yoga woman facilitated in human, real-time form, the SIGN I was sending, boosted by Spirit of course!

I saw in meditation that the seat beside Steve was empty, so I “sat” there as a calming force. I mentioned this to him at the beginning of his phone call to me on the ground in Toronto. He gasped and told me that WHILE IN FLIGHT, THERE WAS AN EMPTY SEAT BESIDE HIM, WHICH HE FOUND STRANGE AS ALL OTHER SEATS WERE TAKEN ON A FULL FLIGHT. HE SAID HE HAD THE ODDEST FEELING THAT I WAS SITTING BESIDE HIM, IN THE EMPTY SEAT – IMPOSSIBLE AS I WAS HOME IN TORONTO. Did Steve “know” that I was there with him? Seems so!! Another sign to help him on his journey… literally!

Lastly, my friend described the STRONG FEELING HE HAD TO LOOK UP AT THE SKY AS THE PLANE WAS COMING IN FOR A LANDING. HE SAID THE STUNNING COLORS OF THE SKY… PINK, ORANGE AND PALE BLUE BOTH CALMED HIM AND MADE HIM THINK OF ME AT THAT EXACT MOMENT. That’s because the sky was the SIGN I was using to let him know I was there, prompting him to gaze at it’s beauty and feel peace. He said he’d never enjoyed such a peaceful, stress-free flight and thanked me for whatever I had done.

Coincidence or SIGNS?! YOU decide!

Small Medium Over and Out


Wild Weekend With Wiarton Willie

May 12, 2013

Recently I traveled to the lovely town of Wiarton to conduct another group event connecting the living with the dead. While there, I thought I’d ask Wiarton Willie what happened to spring?! I didn’t get an answer from him, but as I write this it’s cold, wet and we even had hail this morning… Willie, you got some ‘splaining to do!! (Sic I Love Lucy episode, Ricky to Lucy)

As for the dead folks, they came through in droves… as they always do.This was a more intense group event than usual, as I had women there with breast cancer, fertility/surrogacy issues and one hoping to connect with her son who recently died in a car crash. The woman’s son indeed showed up with so much accuracy even I was stunned, giving her the peace she came for. Messages and answers were also given in the above cases. Spirit talked of family secrets as well as joyful events and helpful future predictions. (I get lots of feedback, even  years after a reading, telling me about the things I’ve predicted coming true. Always wonderful to hear!)

Two of the most amazing things that happened occurred the next day in my second group. The hostess’ deceased husband practically dragged me into their bedroom, where he enthusiastically showed me and his wife where he had been lying in bed next to her (confirmed by shocked wife). Visible for us to see was a huge dent in the covers, not there earlier that morning when she had made the bed. Nice one!

The second spooky, though wonderful event was when the hostess’ crossed over girlfriend, identified accurately by her first name, announced she would close the patio door to prove she was really there with us. Sure enough, said patio door then began to swing all by itself and slammed shut! The girl nearest the door jumped and shouted that she felt a cold breeze and became covered with goosebumps… that was the Spirit brushing past her on the way to the door. Spirit never ceases to amaze me!

It was a wonderful, though tiring weekend, as I got little sleep between events. The reason for this was that unbeknownst to me, the motel I was staying at was haunted by a ghost of local legend. I had been joking before going to Wiarton that I hoped it wouldn’t be like the movie, Psycho’s famed Bates Motel. No shower slasher got me, though sure enough there was a sign posted out front reading, “B A I T S.” Pretty funny, I thought at the time. What wasn’t  funny were all the real ghosts that wandered in and out of my room all night long. A gentleman with a drinking problem, the Indian of legend and an older woman using my bathroom, to name a few. I didn’t want to talk to them, I was trying to get some rest!

Next day, the unusual continued. Amy, my wonderful and gracious hostess came to pick me up for breakfast. She mentioned that she too had had little sleep. When I asked why, she reported that she had been plagued by bad dreams where she was in my room, over my bed, watching someone holding me down. I didn’t know how to break it to her – that was in fact what the ghosts were doing in their attempt to get my attention. What she saw in her dreams was real!

This post is dedicated to my Mom, Gram and Margy, who left the physical world much too soon. Happy Mother’s Day to them and to all of you.

Small Medium, over and out.

Catch me live with Carla Collins in L.A. this Thursday May 16 on the Speakeasy With Carla Collins show, 3-4 pm. on Sirius XM Canada, Canada Talks, Channel 167, Satellite Radio!

Moi As Opening Act For Movie Premier!

February 1, 2013

I just had the pleasure of appearing as the Medium to open the premier release of Paranormal Activity 4 in the lovely, historic Spadina House, located next to Casa Loma. Besides the honor of being asked to be the “opening act”, my performance there was actually fated to occur. Two years ago!!

In 2011/2012 a strange thought kept popping into my head, telling me I’d be doing platform mediumship or a seminar in Spadina House Museum. I had visited the museum once years ago for a  wonderful haunted play, (where I had the pleasure of sitting with the director’s dad all evening) and again when I took my cousins for their annual Christmas High Tea. Yup, I sensed ghosts on both occasions! It was odd though that every time I passed by, I kept having the urge to go in and see what I was “supposed” to do there. One day a few months back, I did just that.The special events coordinator wasn’t in, so I left with her name. Pan to November when I get a call from a PR firm asking me to warm up the press, writers and industry insiders with a psychic demonstration prior to a new film’s premier. I nearly fell off the couch when she told me the location. Spadina House!

When final communications to set details between myself and the PR firm felt like they were being blocked from happening, I sensed that a ghost may be behind it. I was told the studio in Hollywood had screened a clip of me from a TV pilot shot last year and were very excited to have me open the evening. But I wasn’t hearing from my PR contact with the final arrangements. I tapped into the energy at Spadina House, only to discover a “vengeful” Spirit who admitted he was doing his best to KEEP ME OUT! Why you ask? So did I. Ghosts often try to block my coming in to perform house clearings, which is a big part of my work as a Psychic Medium… when they don’t want me to shoo them out, ie: cross them to The Other Side. I wasn’t booked for a clearing/cleansing that night, so I wondered why he was so upset. I called the firm the following Monday whereupon I was told the invitation that went out advertised me as doing readings and CLEANSINGS. Ah Ha. I immediately assured him I wouldn’t be removing himself and his friends, that I’d be putting on a “fun” show for the folks. He was good with that, allowed the arrangements to be made and even promised to sidle up to several attendees and loudly shout BOO! in their ear. He must have read the recent article I was interviewed for as well as the invitation – the title was Boo, Is There A Paranormal Chill In Here! (Please see my website, to read)

Night of the event, the stage is set. The Spirits (and the Weatherman) arrange for a spooky fog to be present with rain, all evening. The deserted third floor of Spadina is lit appropriately with candles, as I take the stage. The ghost of Spadina House and I did indeed provide chills and thrills to those in attendance. I told his story and brought through many Spirit loved ones who had come with their living “Press” relatives. Many of the Spirits gave me their exact names, as well as other stunningly accurate details. When one Aunt, who for privacy reasons I’ll call “Ethel” practically dragged me into the room to talk to her nephew,  she caused him to go white and nearly fall off his chair when I said her name. I think this reporter had a total of three loved ones come through. I love the loud, pushy dead folks, they make my job easy!!

We all enjoyed cocktails, complete with special sugar that turned our lips and teeth black, (tee hee) wonderful food and then the main event… the movie. Boy, had I scared them as I was instructed to do… many screams throughout the terrific movie. A fun and spooky night was had by all, myself included.

As I started to walk back to my car in the fog and the mist, my Spadina House ghost said a final farewell. He blinked the lights on and off several times!

Small Medium over and out.


January 2, 2013

Dear friends and loyal readers,

well, another year gone by and for many, it’s been a challenging one. Many worldwide natural disasters, people’s personal struggles and the predicted end of days (A wise, funny good friend quoted on December 21: ” 1/2 off Apocalypse Shelters!” He’s so funny and delightful, always with a light take on things).

As we entered a powerful energy shift on December 21, let’s all remember to be grateful for the good that we have in our lives, live presently and look forward to the glorious gifts and lessons that the future holds for us. Be authentic, be passionate, be expressive, be open! Make 2013 count… I believe in you. You can do it!

Small Medium over and out.


September 18, 2012

Express train to the Afterlife… all aboard!! Sometimes that’s what my job as a professional Psychic Medium feels like. Even though I have the capacity to turn my ability on and off like a switch, basically I’m on 24/7 call to the dead folks. Yes, I live a “somewhat” normal life, if you can ever call a Psychic’s life “normal”, but I don’t mind… I bought a one-way ticket when I signed up for this!

A recent case-in-point happened this past week involving one of the Police Detectives I work with. I lend my abilities to Police Forces to assist in solving crimes/cases. It can be an energy drain, as working to catch bad guys isn’t “fun” work, but I feel it’s an important way for me to give back. Anyway, this particular officer has also become a friend of mine, and as such, I often connect her personally with a crossed-over loved one. I started seeing a cardinal in the tree outside my window, and when I asked her about it, (every time it happened, her name popped into my head) it turns out this happens at her house as well. Every time her deceased “friend” wants to say hello, she notices cardinals around. Yes, the dead send these kinds of signs all the time! It’s their way of reaching out to let you know they are there.

Over at my home, this particular “friend” whom I’ll call “Robert”, and who also happened to be a cop, makes the cardinal squawk very loudly until I go outside, acknowledge him and promise to say hello to his girl. He’s very persistent, which I’m told was his way in life as well, and he’s now turning this into a sort of game! He’s been calling to me this way nearly every day for a week! I don’t mind really, he seems to time his visits when I’m not busy working and he’s really quite charming.

His girl, my officer friend, always appreciates when I pass along the messages. Interesting how she always remarks that each time, the message from “Robert” comes when she’s asking him to connect with her or having a bad day. Why you’d think he’s watching her… and knows this. Guess what folks? HE IS!!

Moral of this little true story – keep talking to your loved ones in Spirit. They’re listening and always ready to help.

Small Medium, over and out.


April 1, 2012

No dear readers, this is NOT an April Fool’s joke, I am indeed back, finally, with a new post. I know I’ve been a “bad girl” for being away so long, as one of my friends and loyal followers teasingly pointed out. I have no real excuse but have been wonderfully, insanely busy shooting the TV promo pilot for a (hopeful) upcoming reality series about my work, and doing my usual readings, positivity coaching, healing and seminars. Whew. Nope, not a bit tired, just grateful for all that The Universe is providing!

So without further ado, let’s get started, shall we… Today’s topic is a serious one, despite my earlier bantering tone. I’ve recently brought through the spirits of two people who regrettably took their own lives – one a young girl and one a father and husband. What drives a person to choose suicide is a sad pondering with the reason perhaps only known to the individual himself. The grief, confusion and sometimes guilt felt by the family and friends left behind, is deep and obvious. These are often the reasons a “suicide spirit” is afraid to come through a Medium to connect with their loved ones.

Often, they won’t or can’t admit what they did, even to themselves. This was the case with a teenage girl I recently connected with those she left behind. She had been giving me strikingly accurate and confirmed details about herself, her interests, her family and even the place where she was found. But never once did she admit to the taking of her own life. Yes, there was a mystery involved here, which has now been put to rest… I can only hope that this dear child’s soul is also now at rest. In the Afterlife, suicides are counseled very closely by their spirit guides, to help them to face what they have done and to heal. I gave as much peace and closure to her loved ones as I could, by way of her messages to them, and pray that further healing for them all is brought on Angel’s wings.

As for the husband and father I very recently brought through to talk to his wife, he too never directly spoke of suicide, but he offered many words and emotions of apology, which provided much relief, both to himself and to his wife. He talked of “not stepping up to the plate” enough while alive, ensured her that he would watch over his family always, and promised to be “a better man” the next time around when they met again. He talked of his children, with stunningly accurate and personal details about each one of them and even told his wife he would send her a loving partner, saying she would know the right one by looking into his eyes for a certain light.

In fact, out on the Street before the reading even started, this husband looked out at her through my eyes, and continued that theme during the session. People have often commented on my “otherworldly” eyes during readings, and since this gentleman and I both have blue eyes, he wove this into his visit. There was crying, there was laughing and there was a good measure of peace. He was a very determined and clear spirit, with a lot to say, and I tip my hat to him. He was the one person my client most wanted to connect with and he moved mountains, despite his guilt and fear of rejection, (common with suicides) to give her what she needed most. I will remember this reading for a long time to come… a testimony to the power of love.

Small Medium over and out.


Lemonade And Other Things To Be Grateful For.

April 26, 2010

Recent events have  me pondering the concept of turning life’s lemons into lemonade.  As a psychic medium I provide readings to clients either individually, in group/party events or by telephone.  I love helping to make a difference in people’s lives, giving  peace and closure gained by communication with their deceased relatives… evidence that loved ones have not left them, they are never truly alone. Messages guide folks along their path with suggestions and encouragement and most that I see are gracious with their gratitude. I give a lot of myself when channelling in this way and I’m more than happy to do it. Sometimes though, I’m not given the respect that my time and efforts deserve. Thankfully, these occurences are rare. A woman came to me interested in what I do but unsure if she was ready for a reading.  Just prior, while seeing a lovely young lady, I was given the names of two spirits. Since they were unfamiliar to her, I knew they belonged to another of the guests waiting to see me. This happens, where a deceased person is so anxious to speak with their relative, that they jump in on someone else’s reading. I had the feeling the spirits belonged with the woman who was unsure about having a session, so I spoke with her and asked  about the two names. She did know them and excitedly said she would now like a reading. I told her my fee (she hadn’t been on my list of appointments) and proceeded to bring through no less than five relatives with significant messages. In fact, there were so many that wanted to speak, I ended up going way over the allotted time and it was a fantastic reading. I do that sometimes, feeling generosity is a positive energy that comes back to us magnified. Well as they say, no good deed goes unpunished! Because of the extra time given, another client couldn’t  see me, she had to drive a friend home from the event. And I discovered later, when being paid by the organizer, that the woman I’d given the stunning 5-spirit session to… had stiffed me, she hadn’t paid for her appointment! I was rather stunned, not to mention disappointed that someone would do that. If money was a problem I would have discounted my rate to help her.

Another lemon tossed my way left a sour taste in my mouth:  A reading I did for a skeptic that my guides and gut instinct had told me would not go well. As always, they were right. Prior to our appointment this sitter told me a story of meeting two well-known mediums who she was sure were nothing but fakes with a fancy TV show… THAT should have set off my warning bells but instead, I forged ahead. People with negativity produce blocked energy that makes reading them and their spirits  difficult, if not impossible. I did my best, but the messages were just not coming through clearly. Of course she wasted no time poking holes in my ability also. I stopped the reading, accepting no payment. Then a lovely blessing turned my lemons of the day into lemonade: my deceased mom sent a sign after my last reading of the day, which went extremely well, all things considered. As I was packing up to leave, a strong, clear smell of roses suddenly wafted around me… my mom’s favourite flower. There had been no scent in the room prior to this. She wanted to send me a little support and love. Thanks mom.

Today, on my walk along a tree-lined path there was a further reminder about gratitude… a man rode by me with his dog; not on a bike, but in a wheelchair-type scooter, faithful companion running alongside. Many folks on this route fail to scoop after their pets, but this gentleman, wheelchair and all, managed to clean up after his pooch.  I felt grateful as we passed each other that I have two healthy legs to carry me through life, a career I love, and my mom who still sends her love when I’m having a bad day. Remember dear readers, when life tosses you lemons… well, you know the rest. For some advice of the physical realm kind (non-spiritual, that is!) check out the School of Life, Canada’s Advice Columnist contest that I’ve entered at  It would be a dream of mine to win, as well as allowing me to reach out to more of you. Wish me luck!

Small medium, over and out.