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April 18, 2011

Today’s theme is the lighter side of psychic messages and predictions. For my loyal followers (thank you all!) who may think that spirit help is always of a serious nature, this post is meant to lift spirits… pardon the obvious pun, with true stories of a different sort.

Last evening I attended a lovely intimate dinner party, hosted by two dear friends. Besides great company, fabulous food and wine, there was a psychic theme as well (hey us psychics are FUN guests at parties too!). Our esteemed host is VERY into scrabble, so I suggested a twist on his favourite pasttime – “psychic scrabble”. Spirits like board games too, so as a medium, I thought it would be fun to encorporate the two! Earlier in the day, when the host partook of a little “blackberry scrabble”, he told us of an interesting occurence: his board spelled the name, “Jade”. Since that’s the name I use professionally, ie: JadeIntuitive, it was the spirits’ humorous way of giving a positive sign for the evening. The Other Side sends signs all the time, it’s kind of their trademark. Numerous messages were spelled out, both on the scrabble board and by me directly channeling them, for each guest. The spirits made sure no one was left out. Everything from the name of a deceased grandfather’s beloved dog, to a military relative giving a salute, to a gentleman accurately telling me of his career working the railroad. A delightful night was had by all!

On another occassion, after giving messages to one of my favourite clients, she said she had to ask me just one burning question. Her deceased mom had already provided many accurate details and advice, but here’s what she “just had to know”: how to cook her mom’s famed rice dish! Seems my client and her sister had argued for years on the correct way to make this particular recipe… each remembered it differenty. Mom came through, giving the exact measurements, how many cups of rice, to cups of water etc. Trust a mother to help you make her favourite food just right… even from the spirit realm!

Happy holidays to all, Passover and Easter respectively. Remember to set a place for your “invisible guests”, as crossed over loved ones celebrate holidays with you as well!

Small Medium over and out.

Happy Chanumas!

December 13, 2010

What do you get when you mix one part Channukah with one part Christmas? Chanumas!! I made this word up when I was a kid in honour of blending these two wonderful holidays… yup, I was lucky enough to celebrate both in my family. I remember driving downtown with my gram and gramps to gaze at the Christmas windows done up by The Bay – like many kids, I looked forward to that all year. But not just because of the windows filled with colourful, moving displays… I loved going for car rides and adventures with my grandparents. Gramps made everything into a story, a glorious adventure and gram brought cookies and other goodies to eat along the way. Gram never left home without some form of food in a baggie, in her purse. You never knew when you might get stranded without, heaven help us, any food to eat!! It was a jewish tradition, this great love and worry over food. Plus, my gram was the best baker, known for miles around for her pies, pin wheel cookies, cakes and lemon tartes. I’m happy to admit I rarely leave home without some back-up food to this day. Partly because as a holistic healer, I follow the six small meals a day way of eating; and partly because doing this  helps me to feel closer to my gram. When we keep up  traditions, it really does keep our deceased loved ones closer in our hearts. And they love seeing this from the Other Side, it brings them nearer to us as well!

Back to my story… when we arrived home after seeing all the pretty windows and lights on houses, (we had to drive some distance to see the lit up houses, no Jewish house in our neighbourhood would be caught dead with Christmas lights… pun intended) a surprise would be waiting for me. Gramps had put up a Channukah bush, as he called it – his effort to pay homage to my Scottish half. A really sweet and meaningful effort, all things considered. Thanks gramps!

I celebrated the Christmas side of Chanumas on Christmas eve / Christmas day with my parents and my Nanny. Twas the night before Christmas, marked by the exciting drive to pick my grandmother up, dad’s mom, and bring her home for the holiday. She was special for many reasons, not the least of which was her extraordinary psychic ability, which I have inherited. But on Christmas, Nanny was special because she thought she was the female Santa Claus!! She arrived with several shopping bags overflowing with presents and it was my job to place them carefully under our tree, real of course. Mrs. Claus, aka Nanny, wouldn’t have it any other way. How I loved that job; so many presents, so little time! We had eggnog, I was allowed to open one gift at the stroke of midnight and fell asleep with dreams of sugar plums dancing in my head. Oh, that was also because I danced with The National Ballet of Canada and knew every song of the Nutcracker by heart!

In the morning, Nanny and I had her favourite, a grapefruit half with honey, while I waited impatiently for my parents to wake up. They weren’t morning people and alas, neither am I these days, laugh. Mediums tend to be night owls (evidenced by my writing this at 2 am). In our home there was an order to opening presents, little to most significant, my mom’s order. It was a good one, as the best was saved for last. The day was also marked by my dad’s famous turkey and all the trimmings. He was the cook of the family, and he did it well. Still does, though my mom and his mom are now there in spirit… too bad they miss the yummy food tastes… but not much else. Our spirit loved ones join us for special occasions. I think mine enjoy the pulling of the holiday crackers the most! For those who don’t have a big family to celebrate the holidays with, or any family at all in some cases, please don’t feel that you’re alone… your family and friends surround you. Even if you can’t “see” them, they ARE there, sending you love.

I hope you enjoyed my holiday story. Wishing joy, peace and abundance to my loved ones, friends and clients both here on earth and on the spirit side. God bless us… everyone!

Small Medium off to dream of sugar plums!

Psychic Weekend In Owen Sound.

February 18, 2010

I’ve just returned from an extraordinary weekend event of readings in Owen Sound and I can tell you the folks out that way ROCK! The lovely hostess planning this psychic party kept writing me the past few weeks wondering how we would accomodate all those interested in seeing me. I was flattered and recognized that an amazing Universe energy was pulling these people to me for a reason… so I told her not to turn anyone away. Originally I was only supposed to be giving one small inspirational speech and an afternoon of readings. If you build it, they will come! Or rather, if you put the word out and the energy connections are right, they will come.  One afternoon soon turned into an entire day and evening and finally into a two-day event! The wonderful hostess was worried about tiring me out with so many people, but I was exhilerated at the chance to give peace and guidance to such a large group.

The day started off with a new experience for me, giving a psychic-mediumship reading to a gentle physically challenged man in his truck. Readings can be given anywhere and this certainly proved that point. I was able to bring through good information for him… I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did. The day flowed from one hour to the next with mothers, grandmothers, aunts and other assorted spirit relatives coming through to communicate with their loved ones. When the authenticity of a message from the other side brought tears to many people’s eyes, I just smiled and quipped that I was like Barbara Walters in that respect. This happens often and I like to ease the moment for those people who may feel some embarrassment.

I’ve already had confirmation of a prediction I gave, with the daughter texting her dad while I was still there to inform him of my accuracy… that’s always gratifying to hear. Other notable moments include my own hair standing straight up from my head while the spirit energies swirled around me, (Uxbridge’s party host commented on the same thing…wild!) my violin playing, courtesy of a musical uncle and a fellow psychic sitter “seeing” my deceased mom standing beside me assisting, during her reading.

I was struck by how lovely all the women who attended were, and as always, I felt honoured and humbled to have this amazing career. Special thanks go out to the hosts of this weekend who went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and ensure that a wonderful time was had by all. Little touches like flowers, candles and lots of love infused a magical quality into the weekend. I want to convey a special thank you to Allison DuBois (the real woman behind the show MEDIUM) who told me my life would be very different on the one-year anniversary date of my mom’s passing. She was right. I devote this Owen Sound event to my mom who passed to the other side on Valentine’s Day, one year ago.

Blessings and light,


Can Ghosts Throw Christmas Ornaments?!

December 31, 2009

A little lighthearted post-Christmas question prompted by an evening spent in a lovely farmhouse with a charming family. Can ghosts (or spirits, as they prefer) toss ornaments off a Christmas tree to make a point? Well yes, it appears they can!

Having just enjoyed a wonderful dinner full of lively conversation about all things that go bump in the night, I was invited to help decorate the tree for Christmas. Let me go back a bit to explain that as a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor I was called to the home after the very recent passing of a beloved father as well as step-father. A lot for any family to deal with, but particularly poignant during the holidays. I hoped to bring some comfort and inspiration, perhaps even a little levity if I could.

The beautiful, but bare tree beckoned! As we carefully placed pretty ornaments, suddenly one dropped out of their 12- year-old son’s hand, smashing to the floor. “That’s ok”, his mom assured him. All cleaned up, decorating continued. Then another mysteriously slipped from careful fingers, shattering into many pieces. “That’s strange, we never break ornaments” the mom said to me. She then lifted one out of the box, explaining that it had belonged to her father and had been special to him. She put it back into the box. Just as we snapped a picture with myself and her son, a beautiful purple ball “fell” off the tree directly behind us. I took out the father’s special ornament, asking him to guide my hand to the tree, where I felt he wanted it. Sure enough, their father’s ghost directed my hand… to the exact spot where the purple ball had just been. Front and centre on the tree.

A short while later, as we sang carols, another ornament came flying off  directly at us. We were nowhere near the tree. Mom said it was just like her father(s) to do that, very in keeping with their personality. These are the signs our loved ones send us to let us know they are with us. They classically do something that we would recognize, so we know it’s them. They especially like to say hello at special events and holidays. And on this occasion, to bring peace to their family… like the angel atop the tree. Either that, or they simply didn’t like our singing!

Blessings and light and a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year to all.