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October 30, 2014

Good day dear viewers,

exciting news to share with you for this post. I will be appearing on the amazing ET CANADA, Global TV tomorrow night!! Will be a spooktacular evening as I am interviewed by the talented and so lovely, Cheryl Hickey, with special appearances by Spirit, including some famous ghostly folks.

I had such a fun day at Global TV and am honoured to be the Medium on this terrific medium of television. Big thanks go out to Cheryl Hickey and the entire ET family for making me feel so comfortable and welcome… what a truly awesome bunch of folks resides on the Entertainment Canada set!

I hope you’ll all tune in and take a chilling ride with me on a backstage pass of the studio. All aboard the express train to “Ghost Town”, ET style!

Happy and safe Halloween to all.

Small Medium over and out.


December 1, 2013

Signs. Not the kind advising to “beware of dog” or “buy this” but more like the ones that read, “Enter Here” are the important topic for today’s (long overdue, I know!) blog. Signs are guideposts along the journey of life, sent from Spirit. Yes, really! You’ve heard (or read) my words over the years about there being no such thing as coincidence. Well, this is quite real and allow me to demonstrate how I know this through the following true story. Then you decide for yourselves, dear readers!

A good friend of mine, we’ll call him “Steven” to protect his privacy, recently asked for my help for an upcoming plane trip home to visit with family. You see Steven is terrified of flying and was suffering a lot of anxiety about this trip, which he dearly wanted to make…hopefully with enough of an appetite to actually eat the special family dinner he was going to attend. Flying made him nauseous, among other things. Happy to oblige as coaching and relieving anxiety is what I do every day in my job, I set about to teach him some calming techniques and positive visualizations for a successful flight. Believing it begins the process of working it! So Steve said he’d give it a try.

Armed with these tips, off Steve went on his trip. Getting there was not a problem he later reported, but the fear started to build again around the impending trip home. So I wrote him several relaxation-inducing emails and promised I would send my energy to be with him for the trip home. I’m an energy specialist hired to clear negative energy from homes, businesses, people themselves and then to bring in blessings and positivity. I told Steven, “I’ve got your back”.

I wrote the exact time, date and location of his flight and set to work that day to meditate and “send” an energetic part of myself to accompany him. The day ended with the most spectacular sunset, the sky gleaming with pink, orange and pale blue and I decided to “send” him a telepathic visual of the sky with a direction to look out the plane window as he landed. I knew these beautiful colors in the sky would calm him, so I utilized this natural beauty. In my mind, I “saw” Steven sitting on the plane with an empty seat beside him, which I energetically sat in to better give him strength and comfort.

Knowing his arrival time, I also sent my energy to walk behind him, repeating, “it’s okay Steve, I’ve got your back”. I started doing this part the morning of his return flight.

Steven called me from the airport post landing. Very successful landing, I might add as here’s what my friend told me happened: THE MORNING OF HIS FLIGHT HE DECIDED TO TAKE A RELAXING YOGA CLASS. NEAR CLASS END THE INSTRUCTOR CAME OVER TO HIM AND PUT HER HAND ON HIS LOWER BACK. SHE DID THIS TO NO ONE ELSE IN THE CLASS AND THE PERSON BESIDE HIM EVEN COMMENTED, ASKING, “HOW COME YOU GET SPECIAL TREATMENT?!” Here in Toronto, I was sending Steven that I HAD HIS BACK! The Yoga woman facilitated in human, real-time form, the SIGN I was sending, boosted by Spirit of course!

I saw in meditation that the seat beside Steve was empty, so I “sat” there as a calming force. I mentioned this to him at the beginning of his phone call to me on the ground in Toronto. He gasped and told me that WHILE IN FLIGHT, THERE WAS AN EMPTY SEAT BESIDE HIM, WHICH HE FOUND STRANGE AS ALL OTHER SEATS WERE TAKEN ON A FULL FLIGHT. HE SAID HE HAD THE ODDEST FEELING THAT I WAS SITTING BESIDE HIM, IN THE EMPTY SEAT – IMPOSSIBLE AS I WAS HOME IN TORONTO. Did Steve “know” that I was there with him? Seems so!! Another sign to help him on his journey… literally!

Lastly, my friend described the STRONG FEELING HE HAD TO LOOK UP AT THE SKY AS THE PLANE WAS COMING IN FOR A LANDING. HE SAID THE STUNNING COLORS OF THE SKY… PINK, ORANGE AND PALE BLUE BOTH CALMED HIM AND MADE HIM THINK OF ME AT THAT EXACT MOMENT. That’s because the sky was the SIGN I was using to let him know I was there, prompting him to gaze at it’s beauty and feel peace. He said he’d never enjoyed such a peaceful, stress-free flight and thanked me for whatever I had done.

Coincidence or SIGNS?! YOU decide!

Small Medium Over and Out