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Small Medium Comes To Chicago!

September 13, 2010

I am thrilled to announce that I’ve been invited to Chicago, otherwise known as “the windy city”, to give readings at a special group event! Wow! This will be my first trip to Chicago and I can’t wait. One of my clients, very excited about the readings and life coaching I’ve given her long distance, is organizing this event to bring me there live, on Saturday October 23. I do a great many sessions by telephone, this will be a wonderful opportunity for me to see new faces and places. Next stop… Oprah!

For those of you who are wondering why I usually sign off with the tag line “Small Medium over and out”, I’m finally revealing the answer: because I’m small, (well, okay… short) a good friend of mine with a clever sense of humour quipped one day that I should call myself “The Small Medium”. Finding it rather catchy, that’s become my handle. Nope, never drove a truck, though I have worked in radio, so there you have it. Small Medium conquors the windy city. See you all there!

Small Medium over and out.   Please visit my website or email me at:  to make an appointment for in-person or telephone readings, Reiki healings, spiritual counselling/life coaching or personal appearances.  Please note, there may be a waiting list of up to several weeks.

Lemonade And Other Things To Be Grateful For.

April 26, 2010

Recent events have  me pondering the concept of turning life’s lemons into lemonade.  As a psychic medium I provide readings to clients either individually, in group/party events or by telephone.  I love helping to make a difference in people’s lives, giving  peace and closure gained by communication with their deceased relatives… evidence that loved ones have not left them, they are never truly alone. Messages guide folks along their path with suggestions and encouragement and most that I see are gracious with their gratitude. I give a lot of myself when channelling in this way and I’m more than happy to do it. Sometimes though, I’m not given the respect that my time and efforts deserve. Thankfully, these occurences are rare. A woman came to me interested in what I do but unsure if she was ready for a reading.  Just prior, while seeing a lovely young lady, I was given the names of two spirits. Since they were unfamiliar to her, I knew they belonged to another of the guests waiting to see me. This happens, where a deceased person is so anxious to speak with their relative, that they jump in on someone else’s reading. I had the feeling the spirits belonged with the woman who was unsure about having a session, so I spoke with her and asked  about the two names. She did know them and excitedly said she would now like a reading. I told her my fee (she hadn’t been on my list of appointments) and proceeded to bring through no less than five relatives with significant messages. In fact, there were so many that wanted to speak, I ended up going way over the allotted time and it was a fantastic reading. I do that sometimes, feeling generosity is a positive energy that comes back to us magnified. Well as they say, no good deed goes unpunished! Because of the extra time given, another client couldn’t  see me, she had to drive a friend home from the event. And I discovered later, when being paid by the organizer, that the woman I’d given the stunning 5-spirit session to… had stiffed me, she hadn’t paid for her appointment! I was rather stunned, not to mention disappointed that someone would do that. If money was a problem I would have discounted my rate to help her.

Another lemon tossed my way left a sour taste in my mouth:  A reading I did for a skeptic that my guides and gut instinct had told me would not go well. As always, they were right. Prior to our appointment this sitter told me a story of meeting two well-known mediums who she was sure were nothing but fakes with a fancy TV show… THAT should have set off my warning bells but instead, I forged ahead. People with negativity produce blocked energy that makes reading them and their spirits  difficult, if not impossible. I did my best, but the messages were just not coming through clearly. Of course she wasted no time poking holes in my ability also. I stopped the reading, accepting no payment. Then a lovely blessing turned my lemons of the day into lemonade: my deceased mom sent a sign after my last reading of the day, which went extremely well, all things considered. As I was packing up to leave, a strong, clear smell of roses suddenly wafted around me… my mom’s favourite flower. There had been no scent in the room prior to this. She wanted to send me a little support and love. Thanks mom.

Today, on my walk along a tree-lined path there was a further reminder about gratitude… a man rode by me with his dog; not on a bike, but in a wheelchair-type scooter, faithful companion running alongside. Many folks on this route fail to scoop after their pets, but this gentleman, wheelchair and all, managed to clean up after his pooch.  I felt grateful as we passed each other that I have two healthy legs to carry me through life, a career I love, and my mom who still sends her love when I’m having a bad day. Remember dear readers, when life tosses you lemons… well, you know the rest. For some advice of the physical realm kind (non-spiritual, that is!) check out the School of Life, Canada’s Advice Columnist contest that I’ve entered at  It would be a dream of mine to win, as well as allowing me to reach out to more of you. Wish me luck!

Small medium, over and out.

Super Psychic! A Jam-Packed Weekend.

January 27, 2010

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being a keynote speaker and the psychic/intuitive at a wellness convention for teachers. It was a terrific event and a great time was had by all!

The ski resort hosting the event was lovely, the food yummy, and the people I met, wonderful. I presented my seminar YOUR INNER HERO which I developed after rescuing a woman I found fallen on the ice two years ago. I developed the original INNER HERO seminar as a presentation for kids ranging in age from kindergarten through high school designed to inspire them to treat others with kindness, empathy and respect. It’s been very well-received as an anti-bullying message, piggy-backing the school board’s character development program. The adult version I presented this weekend (the teachers were there to refresh and relax… no kids allowed!) had a mind/body/spirit wellness theme, complete with stress-busting tips. They liked it, they really liked it!!

In the afternoon I provided intuitive and mediumship readings. There was such a huge response that I was told teachers had to draw names out of a hat as a fair way of determining who would see me. Wow! I was honoured to be considered a “prize” of sorts. When the final session was over, after nearly six hours of back-to-back readings I was elated, though admittedly rather tired. A fellow Medium, upon hearing of this feat, likened me to Superwoman. I don’t know about that… but perhaps the shoe of Superpsychic fits. In any case, I was honoured to bring through several spirits from the other side with impactful messages for their loved ones. My mission is to bring peace and closure to as many people as I can, both in our world and in the spirit world. I also like to inspire folks to live positively, help others and live the life they desire. I feel so good when I’m able to connect and help someone. It’s a boost to my soul and I learn new things with every reading I give… this weekend was no exception. A wonderful meant-to-be quality resonated throughout.

I’m off to have a nice cup of tea and further rest my voice. I talked for about fourteen hours straight on Saturday, a new record! Those who know me will get this inside joke.

Thanks for a great time ETFO!

Superpsychic over and out.