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August 24, 2014

Good day all,

apologies for being gone so long, I’ve been recovering from a fractured rib (oww) while juggling (not literally due to same fractured rib!) a very busy client schedule. Thought I’d tell you a ghost story, not a client’s this time… one of my own. Sit back, relax in the summer sunshine and prepare to be amazed by the power of Spirit.

One day recently I set out for a gentle walk and had gone no farther than five minutes from home, when I felt a spirit pull to cross the street whereupon I found myself in front of a selection of books. Wonderful books of many topic varieties were sitting on the sidewalk in open boxes… giveaways for the taking. A couple was happily making piles of reading material and so I dug in as well. I soon found ┬áthe reason for the”spirit pull”. A small book of daily affirmations from 1985. As an Intuitive Life and Business Coach and Keynote Speaker I often teach folks the merits of positive affirmations and I say them to myself each day also. Who knew that such wonderful gems were available and combined so beautifully back in 1985!? I promptly and happily took the book home.

About five hours later, the reason for the precise timing soon shared, I started flipping through my newly acquired book to discover one page was missing. Not just any page, the one for my very own birthdate. That seemed an odd coincidence but if you’ve been following my writings, you know that as a Medium I don’t believe there are such things as mere coincidences. I said aloud to the Universe, “ok, I’ll go back to where I got the book but only if you promise I’ll find that page”! What were the chances, five hours later of it still being there, if at all, I asked myself ? But I went anyway.

After meeting a neighbour along the way, I came to the spot where the boxes had been five hours previously. Most of the boxes were empty of books, as I knew they would be. I searched through a couple, picking up books and shaking them out, feeling a little foolish looking for one single page on the off chance and assurance from the Universe that it would be there. I turned to leave then suddenly felt to look under one of the cardboard boxes. I could scarcely believe it – there pinned underneath was a single page from a book. As I reached for it I just knew. IT WAS THE SINGLE MISSING PAGE FROM MY BOOK, MY BIRTHDAY PAGE!

As tears came to my eyes at the amazing surprises from Spirit, an old car from the 70’s drove by, a black chevrolet just like my grandpa used to drive. The guy behind the wheel turned and looked at me as he passed and I realized the book was a present from my deceased grandpa.

The appearance of a car that looked just like his confirmed that grandfather reached out from the Other Side to get me a book he knew I’d appreciate and remember because of the missing birthday page. My gramps loved books and was also an Author. Nice gramps, thanks, message received!

Small medium over and out.