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Super Psychic! A Jam-Packed Weekend.

January 27, 2010

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being a keynote speaker and the psychic/intuitive at a wellness convention for teachers. It was a terrific event and a great time was had by all!

The ski resort hosting the event was lovely, the food yummy, and the people I met, wonderful. I presented my seminar YOUR INNER HERO which I developed after rescuing a woman I found fallen on the ice two years ago. I developed the original INNER HERO seminar as a presentation for kids ranging in age from kindergarten through high school designed to inspire them to treat others with kindness, empathy and respect. It’s been very well-received as an anti-bullying message, piggy-backing the school board’s character development program. The adult version I presented this weekend (the teachers were there to refresh and relax… no kids allowed!) had a mind/body/spirit wellness theme, complete with stress-busting tips. They liked it, they really liked it!!

In the afternoon I provided intuitive and mediumship readings. There was such a huge response that I was told teachers had to draw names out of a hat as a fair way of determining who would see me. Wow! I was honoured to be considered a “prize” of sorts. When the final session was over, after nearly six hours of back-to-back readings I was elated, though admittedly rather tired. A fellow Medium, upon hearing of this feat, likened me to Superwoman. I don’t know about that… but perhaps the shoe of Superpsychic fits. In any case, I was honoured to bring through several spirits from the other side with impactful messages for their loved ones. My mission is to bring peace and closure to as many people as I can, both in our world and in the spirit world. I also like to inspire folks to live positively, help others and live the life they desire. I feel so good when I’m able to connect and help someone. It’s a boost to my soul and I learn new things with every reading I give… this weekend was no exception. A wonderful meant-to-be quality resonated throughout.

I’m off to have a nice cup of tea and further rest my voice. I talked for about fourteen hours straight on Saturday, a new record! Those who know me will get this inside joke.

Thanks for a great time ETFO!

Superpsychic over and out.


Talking To The Late John Candy.

January 15, 2010

The late great Canadian actor John Candy… many remember his movies fondly, myself included. This past week I had the privilege of talking with him. Well, to be more accurate, he talked through me, as dead folks tend to do. Yes, as a Medium, I talk to dead people.

My friend  “William” (not his real name) is a well-known record producer who counts among his friends members of  several well-known bands including The Beatles and actor John Candy. Pretty cool! What’s also cool is that John is still his friend, albeit from the other side. John likes to keep an eye on his buddy and did so recently with a little help from me. After a telephone conversation with William, where he mentioned his friend John, I hung up and promptly received a message for him. John said to me “tell him about the shoe”. I wrote this down, as it’s always good practice to deliver a message exactly as it’s given. The next day I relayed the message, except by mistake I told William about “the shoes”.  This message didn’t ring a bell. Puzzled, I went back to my notes and sure enough, I’d made a crucial error, adding an “s” where there was none. Several days later, while driving to a mutual friend’s for dinner, John Candy came through again wanting me to deliver the corrected message. As soon as I said it was “shoe” rather than “shoes”, William laughed happily, saying he knew exactly what the message meant. When he lived in Los Angeles, John regularly had William over to his recording studio. Inside a pane of glass between the studio and control room, John had sealed a signature item as a joke… a shoe. Later that evening I connected with John Candy once again, this time through a picture, taken several years earlier, where he appeared with William. I never had the pleasure of meeting John personally but during the reading I received details on how he passed, of heart problems (shown to me by my sudden rapidly beating heart-rate) as well as many other details and personal phrases. The icing on the cake, told to me when the reading was over, was that throughout, a pot-light was blinking on and off repeatedly. This has always been John Candy’s signature way to let William know he’s around him. This kind of validation from a sitter (the person receiving the reading from the Medium) is always so wonderful to hear!

I provided readings to our dinner hosts as well, bringing through a departed mother and father who were thrilled to connect once again with their children. Spirits often wait years for a chance to talk with their loved ones. I’m happy to be the middle-man, so to speak, bringing peace to folks here and on the other side. Sometimes my gift as a Psychic/Medium is a challenge, but it’s also a humbling experience. I love what I do. And I got to have a conversation and a laugh with John Candy… how cool is that!?

Small Medium over and out,



A Psychic Kid… To Be Or Not To Be?

January 7, 2010

I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to the blessing, or curse some may say, of being a kid with psychic or paranormal abilites. I was such a kid and while I’m all grown up now (but still a HUGE kid at heart) I’m still somewhat haunted, pun intended, by the impact of those early abilities.

A terrific show, which I’m greatly enjoying addresses the concerns and issues psychic children and their parents face. It’s called Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. Boy do I wish such a show existed when I was 12 years old. Or 15, or 17 even. These were the years when I realized I was rather unlike my peers, that I stepped to the beat of a different drummer. A sometimes scary, sometimes isolating, but rather cool drummer. I was a kid with a sixth sense. Last summer while spending time in Lily Dale, New York one of the leading centres for spiritual and mediumship development, I met and got to know a teen and her mom. The teen is a psychic/medium like myself, and her mom is… well, a mom trying to manage this interesting mix of a child who is teen by day, spirit talker by night. I did my best to help them since I could relate so strongly to this situation, and we shared many memorable hours. Being a psychic kid is a gift, a blessing, but it sure can be a pain in the you know where sometimes! The wonderful thing is that mom brought her daughter to such a place, they talk openly about being psychic, and are scheduled for an apprearance on the above-mentioned TV show. I hope to see them again this July when I’ll be presenting my own seminar at the renowned Lily Dale Assembly, N.Y.

Right about now some of you are probably wondering what’s so challenging about being a child with these abilities, or that child’s parent? In a nutshell, it can be confusing, if not downright scary to see, hear, smell and feel things that other people can’t. I learned that it’s wise not to tell your friends or risk being labelled “a freak”, nor my family who for the most part thought I was making stuff up. This lack of expression can lead to suppressing these abilities or sometimes losing them altogether. Luckily my gifts, like flowers without enough sunshine, wilted but perservered. From a parent’s perspective I now realize that it’s challenging to have a child with this kind of ability. There were those in my family who shared my gifts, often passed down through generations, but few actually talked about them.  For instance, despite several efforts, I couldn’t get my paternal grandmother to tell me about all the neat things she could do… she was a psychic/medium/healer but afraid of her own gifts. My mom and I played what she called “the game”, practicing telepathy, but I never recall talking about it with her afterwards. She mentioned taking me to Duke University for scientific study of  my ESP abilities, but we never actually went.

The moral of this story is embrace the things that make you special and unique. It took me many years to use my gifts professionally, but I do now as it’s my path to help others. I think I would have started years earlier if my gifts had been nurtured and allowed to flow freely when I was a “psychic kid”. I took a more roundabout route, but I still got to where I was supposed to be. I applaud all parents who listen to their children when they talk about imaginary friends, ask questions when their child knows details about a relative who died before they were born. Being as loving and supportive as you can, even if you don’t always understand or believe, will prove to be invaluable. Take it from me… a psychic kid who learned to love the beat of a different drummer then, and is happily embracing a career in all things wierd and wonderful now.

Psychic kid over and out.